SL8 Home Services

SL8 Home Services was born from a desire for clean, orderly homes. While our core mission is delivering top-notch cleaning solutions, we have expanded our services to meet a wider range of home needs. We now offer handyman services, dog walking, junk removal, and more, making us your all-in-one resource for home maintenance and care.

SL8 Home Services is a proud participant in the Carson City Downtown Wine Walk. When: Every 1st Saturday

Our app

The development of our app prioritizes user-friendliness, ensuring a seamless onboarding experience. By eliminating any obstacles in the initial stages, we aim to provide a smooth and enjoyable introduction to our services for all users.

How does it work?

SL8 Home Services makes it easy to book your cleanings or other home services! All through our convenient app.


Sign up online

Signing up is easy! Do it online or through our easy-to-use App!


Register your Property

Add as many properties as you'd like!


Book your Services

Book recurring services-like weekly dog walking or routine cleanings, one-off services, or anything in-between. The choice is yours!


Sit back and relax!

Enjoy your newfound free time while getting updates as your service happens in real-time!


To sign up, simply download the app for SL8 through Android or Apple and then register your property. You can register as many properties as you’d like.

Yes, SL8 is a subsidiary of Willoughby Inc. and licensed in the state of Nevada. We are insured and bonded. We connect you, the customer, with technicians. Every person working through SL8 is background checked every six months through the court system.

When you set up a service appointment through the app, you will have a choice for a one time or recurring appointment. This can be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

We back up our satisfaction guarantee, if you are not happy with the service, we will do all we can to remedy the situation and also choose a different technician to service your property. Contact the office if you have any questions (888) 486-9927.

Once the work is done and the technician has checked out, your invoice is created and auto-paid using the credit card you used when you registered. It’s safe and secure, and we do guarantee our work. If there are any issues, we don’t run & hide, we take care of our valued customers. We have a brick & mortar and our phone is answered by a person.

Our Terms of service dictate that anything over a certain dollar amount ($500) be unavailable for the technicians to access. This excludes wall hangings, appliances, furniture and items over 100 pounds. (Mostly involving jewelry, coins, currency and small valuables.)

Our cleaners are well trained and screened (Background checked) and only those with clean records are trusted to be partners with SL8. If something has been damaged, we will make every effort to remedy the situation. Replacement, repair or reimbursement are some of the alternatives that can be used. This is an extremely rare occurrence and is handled on a case by case basis.

To gift services to family or friends, simply add their address on your account and you can schedule a surprise cleaning and more.

When you first downloaded the app, you may have opted out or declined the notification permission.

For Apple/iOS:

Go to Settings > Notifications.
Select the SL8 app in the list.
Toggle the “Allow Notifications” to green.

For Android:

Open your phone’s Settings app.
Tap Notifications. App settings.
Under ‘Most recent’, find apps that recently sent you notifications. To find more apps, in the drop-down menu, tap All apps.
Tap the app.
Turn the app’s notifications on or off.

We encourage all first time clients to be available for a walk through with their cleaning techs on the first appointment for a variety of reasons. The most important thing is that the cleaning techs get an idea of your expectations and don’t miss anything. Keep in mind this is a new and different place that they haven’t been to before. 
In order to keep you, the customer, happy, please take your time and do not feel that you are out of place to walk through with the cleaning tech and make sure everything is to your satisfaction. 

Customer Satisfaction Walkthrough Policy

SL8 Home Services is committed to providing top-notch services meeting or exceeding the customer’s expectations. Since each customer has unique and individual needs and expectations, we have certain requirements to make sure this happens. All new customers are requested to be available for a thorough walkthrough with the service techs at the end of the first service to make sure expectations were met. This is a small step to ensure that the work has been completed and that we get the extra input needed in some cases. This is also outlined in our Terms of Service in more detail. 
Do you, or a trusted source, plan to do a walkthrough on this first job? (If you select no, you may skip the next two questions)
Why do we have this policy?

Here at SL8 Home Services, we take great pride in customer satisfaction. This is a business designed exclusively on making services affordable and convenient in terms of booking, securing the services they need and getting back the free time that’s so elusive these days.

In order to do this, our biggest tool is communication. If we harness the customers input and feedback to get them what they need, this experience is seamless and incredibly valuable. Value in the form of peace of mind that you are getting the help you need and giving you back your time to spend doing the things you love.