How to Sign Up Through The App

  1. Search for SL8 on your App Store.
  2. Create an account.
  3. After you log in for the first time, go to the menu in the top left corner of the app and select “Properties”.
    Click on the “+” symbol and enter and save your property information.
  4. From your “Dashboard” select “Create New”.
  5. Select your property, the service you would like, date & Time
    that works best then click “Next”.
  6. Select the items from the checklist and enter any special notes. Then click “Save”.

Customer Satisfaction Walkthrough Policy

SL8 Home Services is committed to providing top-notch services meeting or exceeding the customer’s expectations. Since each customer has unique and individual needs and expectations, we have certain requirements to make sure this happens. All new customers are requested to be available for a thorough walkthrough with the service techs at the end of the first service to make sure expectations were met. This is a small step to ensure that the work has been completed and that we get the extra input needed in some cases. This is also outlined in our Terms of Service in more detail. 
Do you, or a trusted source, plan to do a walkthrough on this first job? (If you select no, you may skip the next two questions)
Why do we have this policy?

Here at SL8 Home Services, we take great pride in customer satisfaction. This is a business designed exclusively on making services affordable and convenient in terms of booking, securing the services they need and getting back the free time that’s so elusive these days.

In order to do this, our biggest tool is communication. If we harness the customers input and feedback to get them what they need, this experience is seamless and incredibly valuable. Value in the form of peace of mind that you are getting the help you need and giving you back your time to spend doing the things you love.